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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Psychologically, it is believed that if you show me your favorite musician, I can tell you who you are. We know this. Yes rappers are awesome and creative people. But whom you believe is your favorite says a lot about your personality.

Using some of the biggest names in the rap game, I present to you what each says about you.

Jay Z is terrifically good with money. If you identify with Hov', then you must really be a cool baller or have high ambitions to get there.

2Chainz likes jewelry, women and more women. He(formerly Tity Boi) reinvented himself mid-career. If you definitely identify with him, then you like change.
If  Drizzy Drake is your favorite rapper is that means you're a very emotional person. While emotional, you also have commitment issues and probably fancy one night stands with ladies over long-term relationships.

You are choleric, if Eminem is your favorite rapper. While you're known to crack a joke, you also have a short temper and will run someone's ego down following even the slightest provocation

Kanye West your favorite rapper? Then you are a genius, who says random things, but maybe not as much a genius as you think. Hey, but that's what happens when you're a passionate and confident guy with great fashion sense.
 Lil Wayne hmmmmm!, having Weezy as your favorite means that you're pretty timid, wildly promiscuous and at times a little emotional. 
Having Snoopzilla as your favorite rapper means you must smoke a lot and have a lot of nicknames, right? That's OK, If Snoop is your fave, you have identity issues but you also get a lot of chicks.
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