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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Let me ask, what are the best love making positions? Well, that depends on what you’re trying to achieve in your love making sessions, and of course, not everyone will enjoy the same positions due to variations in body shapes, specific preferences, particular erogenous zones, flexibility, and maybe, sexual orientation and inhibitions. However, using a variety of positions is a great way to keep the menu fresh and enticing.

There are literally hundreds of sex positions a couple can incorporate into their sexual activity and each one has its advantages, but this list is focused on positions that have the most to offer for promoting a loving yet sexually exciting relationship. So what makes a position one of the best love making positions? Find out after digesting the following:

#1. Missionary Sex Position The ‘man on top’ position is known to provide the greatest amount of intimacy when making out. You may say this is just the routine and boring position known to man but that is not the case at all. The missionary position has so many ways it can be adjusted and offers so many benefits for both the male and female;  when we truly want intimate, deep, passionate, tender love making, there is no better position than the missionary position.

#2. Woman on Top Position
The woman on top is another top love making positions because it too has many benefits for both the female and the male. It is the supreme position for the female because it gives her complete control to pleasure herself as needed. The male finds this position very exciting and pleasurable as well because, it doesn't cause him to ejaculate quickly

#3. Rear Entry or Doggie Style Position
Yes, this is raunchy, rough and one that brings out the best in couples. There is deep penetration and the man has the ability to go in deep. The incredible view of his woman’s buttocks brings added pleasure to a man and he makes sure he gives his best.

#4. Spooning
This one of the basic sex position, and one of the favorite sex positions of women. In this position, both men and women lie on their sides. The woman lie on her side in the same direction, and her back turns to her partner’s penis, and he mounts comfortably from back, so that he can penetrate slowly and comfortably; this is good for closeness and intimacy. It’s a great position for your woman because it makes her feel you’re being very affectionate,  it allows for lots of cuddling, caressing and kissing.

#5. Standing Up Position
You can have a quickie while your woman is stirring her pot of soup or While she is talking on the phone but make sure the kids are out of the way while engaging in this naughty pleasure.

#6. Screw Sex Position
In the screw sex position, the woman lies on the edge of the bed or a bench on her side, flexing her legs to one side of her body. This makes her clitoris lie in good position to intensify her feelings and achieve a good orgasm. Where the man kneel in front of her and penetrate slowly, women can contract the entire area and relax. During the intercourse, this position helps the man to take care of her breasts and that adds to the pleasure she receives. As the man’s body weight will not be on women’s body, it makes her to relax on her own. For women to gain orgasm, no other effective methods other than stimulating the clitoris is needed here.

That's all for now! Try them out tonight.... You may find out more positions and share them with me
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