Residents of Denver Colorado will be smoking some ganja in an attempt to get back to business as usual as free marijuana will be given out as relief to victims of a recent flood disaster in this college mountain town

Organizers of a flood relief event are set to hand out free weed today on Boulder's bustling Pearl Street Mall in Denver, the Daily Camera reported.

While much of the city is focused on rebuilding, the giveaway is an effort to help stressed out recreational
users who may have lost their money, means of livelihood and other valuables to flooding find emotional relief.

“Boulder has been victimized by floods, and we want to bring some flood relief to folks.” said Rob Corry, who helps in organizing the event.

So far, despite long lines and a police presence, there are no arrests.

it could be recalled that the media had reported that devastating floods shut down the state and claimed the lives of ten people.