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Sunday, 29 September 2013


Makosi Musambasi
Two time Big Brother UK Housemate Makosi Musambasi who now lives in Nigeria may face the weight of Nigeria's copyright laws for allegedly stealing and publishing Joy Bewaji's intellectual property.

According to, Makosi threw a party with friends and celebrities last Saturday as she launched a book written for her by Joy, which she (Makosi) had earlier rejected, tossed aside and said Joy should give it to someone else. 

Makosi's launch of that same book without Joy's consent or involvement has triggered Joy's move to sue for copyright infringement.

"I put together (for Makosi), in 10 days, an inspirational coffee-table nugget book. We held a photo-shoot; at first Makosi said she hated the pictures, then she said she liked them. It was hard keeping up! When I presented the nugget manuscript, she said she liked it. A few days later, she hated it; screaming that I should give it to some other celebrity- shouting and fuming like a chimney for me to pay back her money. What money? I had invested two months of my life in a project she agreed on." 
 Joy said.

"I wake up on Saturday, the 28th of September, to find out Makosi is the newest author in town. She published the manuscript she had tossed out of the window literally, the manuscript she said I should give to someone else; because she had the material at her disposal" She added.

"I do hope she understands that, regardless of what anyone thinks, Nigeria has a legal system that works, and I plan to make the best use of it." Joy concluded.

It appears Makosi (a Zimbabwean) is itchy for stardom and suffers bipolar issues.
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