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Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Popular Nigerian comedian, AY (Ayo Makun) has urged the Federal Government to establish a separate Ministry for the entertainment industry in Nigeria. He made the call in a chat with Showtime People published today.

According to AY, it has become pertinent that a stronger focus be placed on the development of tourism potential of the country's entertainment industry as the nation marks 53 years of its independence.

"The entertainment industry is too big to be under the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Nollywood alone is a big industry and you also have to consider other arms of entertainment like music, comedy and others," he said.

On his own part, the comedy ace pointed out he had contributed his own quota to the entertainment industry and the growth of the nation through his shows on stage and Television.

"We are also good ambassadors of the country when we take our shows outside the shores of the nation. Foreigners respect and appreciate Nigerian arts and we, the citizens, are the ones that have taken the arts to them," AY said.

Methinks, the major problems plaguing the entertainment industry are piracy, copyright infringements and lack of funds, lack of professionalism, and poor distribution system. It wouldn't be bad, if the Nigerian government does something about these things having seen that the entertainment industry has been a major contributor to the economic development of the nation.
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