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Sunday, 16 June 2013


Kanye West became famous with his Grammy Award winning music, but he has become more famous since he began dating Kim Kadarshian about 18 months ago.

Here are the five fun facts you don't know about Kanye West:

  1. His first name 'Kanye' means 'the only one' in Swahili language. Little wonder he is the only child of his mother-Donda
  2. Kanye speaks a little Chinese having lived in China as a kid, when his mother was a visiting English language lecturer at a Chinese University.
  3. He sold his first music production for almost N1.4million (i.e $8,800) to a local rapper, after he dropped out of the University
  4. He is now carrying a metal plate in his jaw, since 2002, following his miraculous survival of a fatal accident.
  5. Late Pop legend Michael Jackson once called Kanye West to ask about the Jacket he wore for the video of his 2007 song titled: Stronger
Well,  you've read the facts. What, then, do you think of  him?

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