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Thursday, 20 June 2013


Justin Bieber, who used to be the Supreme King of all social networks, has been dethroned by Rihanna on Youtube and Facebook. Here is the breakdown:

Youtube subscribers:
Rihanna - 8.73 million
Justin Bieber - 3.7 million

Facebook fans:
Rihanna - 72.5 million
Justin Bieber - 54.2 million

However, on twitter, Justin Bieber still reigns supreme with over 40 million followers putting Lady Gaga, who used to be the queen on twitter, in second place.

In my view, what may have accounted for Rihanna's global dominance on social networking sites is that her music and style appeals to a wider range of people (Old and Young) than Justin Bieber who seems to play for teenagers and young adults.
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