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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Some people may claim they do their charities for personal gains, perhaps to boost their image. However, the following 9 celebrities have used their popularity and wealth to make life better for millions of Africans:

#1: Madonna

The forever young-looking pop star, since 2006, has been providing, through her Raising Malawi Foundation; education, food, and shelter for thousands of impoverished Malawian kids.

#2: Bill Clinton

The former US President has, through his own work and that of his Bill Clinton Foundation, been helping to establish sustainable agricultural/food programmes on the African continent. For instance, he initiated a large scale Soybeans farming programme in Sudan.

#3: Danny Glover

 The Black American Hollywood actor, using his status and wealth, has launched a series of wines with South Africa's KWV, with every profit coming from the business headed for charity in Africa. He is also an active member of TransAfrican Forum, which globally promotes African interests.

#4: Angelina Jolie

The sexy Hollywood actress, apart from adopting a bunch of African kids as her children, she has been working to stop the use of rape as a weapon of war. Angelina has been promoting the rights of refugees and also she has been providing clean water in extremely poor areas of the African continent.

#5: Lady Gaga:

The notorious pop singer has used her fame to gather and provide food to starving kids in East Africa. She recently donated $500,000 for the provision of food for starving children in South Africa. Lady Gaga has also launched a series of headphones known as RED, which contributes all the profits to HIV/AIDS projects in Africa.

#6: Bono of the band U2

Bono has been subsidizing the cost of anti-retroviral drugs for HIV positive people in Africa. He has also been providing better education for kids, and also helping governments of some poor nations in Africa clear their debts.

#7: Senegal's Youssou N'Dour

One of the most famous musicians to come out of Africa, he owns a micro-finance bank through which he provides funds for entrepreneurial activities to the poorest people in Africa.

#8: Oprah Winfrey

Apart from contributing millions of dollars towards AIDS research and education, in South Africa Oprah has a leadership Academy for Girls through which she has given girls from poor background a chance to smile, shine, and develop future careers.

#9: George Clooney

Hollywood actor and son of a famous journalist, George Clooney has been instrumental in the fight against genocide in Sudan. He has also been responsible for instigating the warrant by the International Court of Justice against the Sudanese President for crimes against humanity.

You've known the top celebs doing good for Africa. Now, what's your opinion about their efforts?

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