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Friday, 14 June 2013


Yes, a French-Canadian model, Leyla Ghobadi, a few days ago, rumoursly claimed Kanye West had been sleeping with her despite dating Kim Kardashan. Leyla alleged that Kanye met her after a concert in July last year and that he also admitted his relationship with Kim kardashan was "just for publicity" all in an attempt to boost his fan base.

However, Kanye's team have responded as follows:

"This most recent attack on Kanye West and his family is totally without merit... it is a blatant attempt by  a misguided individual who is clearly seeking publicity, and another in a series of malicious stories drummed up by a credible 'news' source." This happens to imply a total denial of Leyla's allegations

In another recent rare interview Kanye West granted to the New York Times magazine, he had made it clear he intends keeping his family life private, and that the child himself and Kim are expecting next month is theirs and not 'America's baby'.

So, y'all ladies keep off, Mr. West!!!

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