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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


It seems Chris Brown might be in deep trouble again. The singer and rapper has being accused of beating up a 24 year old woman, Deanna Gines, who was with Chris at the same VIP section of Heat Ultra Nightclub. Orange County.
The alleged victim claims she has filed a police report and that she has gone to the hospital, where doctors say she might require surgery to repair torn ligaments in her knees.

Let's recall that Chris Brown in 2009 was guilty of beating up singer and then- girlfriend Rihanna. Also, in January, 2013 he had a fight in a night club with Frank Ocean. And then, 2 months later, Brown and his crew were involved in a bottle smashing brawl with Drake and his crew.

Though this recent accusation is yet to be substantiated in court, the BIG question remains what kind of man is Chris Brown Becoming?

What do you think of him?
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