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Saturday, 5 October 2013


Men know there are a lot of things that could be potential impediments to their having tons of well-earned fun in life. But nothing domesticates a man against the parties and freedom of life than a girlfriend who wants monogamy. .
Now look, chances are you’re going to meet a woman who, after becoming friends with her, will someday  whisper some words like “What are we?" into your ear. That's her way of demanding that you, the man, say something about your friendship, in order to take things to the next level.  But, you may not want to establish  intimate ties with that woman.

What do you do? Dude, you’re a king. You don't want the freedom and crown that is rightfully yours to be clipped by a woman who wants to tie you to herself. It's Better you find a way to lift yourself above the need for such intimate ties.

With that in mind, your highness, here are some excuses to give a woman you don't want a relationship with:

1. “I Have To Focus On My Work/Study”
This is a fine excuse. Give it a try.

2. “I Need To Concentrate On My Sports Training”
This works best if you’re an actual sport-person or athlete. If you aren’t (and you probably aren’t), that’s fine. It’s still a good excuse. Just make sure you never specify what it is you're training for.  Keep her guessing.

3. “I Need Some ‘Me’ Time Right Now To Think Things Over”
Tell her this so she knows you can, like, solve your problem: and some of such problems are - I’m jobless, in debt, and living with my parents
4. “I’m Going To Enlist In The Military Eventually And I Don’t Want You Waiting For When I may Have Died On The battle Field .”
This one’s a desperate lie. Proceed with caution here.

5. “I’m Too Heartbroken To Love Again.”
The upside to this one is, no one is going to question it. The downside to this one is, it makes you look like a man who can't move on in life.

6. “I’m Still Love My Ex”
This one’s a classic. It works well because it implies that you’re not completely lacking the ability to love. The girl will think, this guy can’t be a cold heartless womanizer if he has an ex somewhere in where-ever-the-f^ck who he still loves so much that he can’t completely commit to me
This one works better if you actually have an ex.

7. “I’m Hooking Up With Like Five Other Girls Right Now And I’d Hate To Jeopardize That.”
Truth hurts. Make that three.

Alright, that’s all I got. If you can think of others, feel free to post them and share this post on your facebook, twitter, and google+ handles. 
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