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Sunday, 6 October 2013


Who is a christian?

The word Christian first appeared in the New Testament precisely Acts 11:26, ("And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch") They were called as such primarily because they believed in Christ and followed His examples. .

Today, the lifestyle of about two billion people who claim to be Christians have given Christianity a new meaning, which makes me keep asking who exactly is a christian?.

Is a  christian a person who gives or accepts bribes in the civil service, condones corrupt practices and grossly misappropriates funds in his place of work?

Is a christian a person who ensures that certain workers are denied their due salaries for over a year?

Is a christian a person who goes to a church or a worship centre dressed to parade his/her fashion ensemble sometimes with a chauffeur driven car, sits in front pews and generously gives the monies accrued through bribery and corrupt practices?

Is a Christian a contractor who takes a contract, executes it poorly, and then praises God for making him win the contract?

Is a christian a person who treats you in a very special manner when you belong to his/her church-fold, and would not want to even interact with you when you belong to a different sect and as such do not profess the same faith as him/her?

Is a Christians a person who uses every way possible to ensure that you become a member of his/her church or, he/she will consider you a lost soul?

How many times have you not come across this saying  made by today's christians "Adaobi/Bimpe/Saratu, we are Christians but please, don’t go and marry a northerner or a hausa and vice versa.?"

Others Christians will put it this way, we don’t want any calabar or Igbo or Yoruba in our family.

What is more, some Christians follow the fashion craze and dress badly, now it is rare to see a well-dressed lady, what happens in some churches is this: cleavages of female worshippers are displayed for public viewing.

Is a christian a person who only disseminates the Word of God, so as to make financial gains?

Where is our beacon of hope if Christianity is turning out this way?

I ask Who is a CHRISTIAN?

Somebody answer me!!!
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