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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Popular Ghollywood actor John Dumelo has said the hips of TV anchor and actress Joselyn Dumas are real because he has seen and felt them.

This is in reaction to rapper Stranjah's open declaration that he doubted Jocelyn's hips were real, and that he  wanted to touch the actress to confirm if the hips were fake

However, John’s claim has contrasted with earlier claims that the beautiful lady with heavy hips wore hipsters.

“Joselyn’s hips are real. Trust me, I have seen it. We are acting together so I have seen it. Look, they are real. D Black has already said it but for those who said the hips are not real, it is real. Tell them to mind their own business,” reports John said

I believe John is definitely in a better position to testify if her hips are real or she wears hipsters, because
Jocelyn and himself have shot intimate movie scenes together. 
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