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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Chris Brown has seriously slammed lyrical hammer on Rihanna in a new rap verse that has just been released. He even claims in the song that she’s had sex with everyone in the American music industry! 

Chris unleashed the diss to Riri on DJ Khaled‘s new song, “I’m Still.” Whereas, Chris didn't mention her name in the song, Rihanna is absolutely being referred to and she’s got every right to sue!

I don't want to beat around the bush, let me just allow the lyrics do the talking — here’s a few lines of Chris’ controversial verse:

You n*ggaz mad ‘cuz you f^cking with them regular ho*s,
and ain’t nothin’ better than my asian.
Every n*gga in the industry done f^cked my b*tch.
And all my n*gga said I told ya. Now all these rap n*ggaz wanna be political.
Nah, f^ck that I’m a real lyrical killer.
Meanwhile, in the November issue of Glamour, Rihanna opened up about life after Chris — and that she hasn’t found anyone since him.

I think with this latest Chris Brown diss on Riri, she'll surely move on for good.
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