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Sunday, 13 October 2013


We already know Dapo Oyebanji (popularly known as D’banj) has taken his music beyond the shores of Africa where he has become a reckoning force within his 10 years in the industry. In this interview with Tunde Ayanda, of the entertainer shares his dream for music and how he wants to celebrate his 10 years as an artiste.Excerpts:

How do you feel headlining the 2013 Hennessey Artistry?

I have been watching what Hennessey has been doing with the entertainment industry and I can say I was humbled when they called me.

You travelled to France where Hennessey is made. Has that in any way changed your perception of the brand?
My going to France was an experience, as I found out that the Hennessey we drink is made from grape... I pray that God should let me build my brand to that stage like Hennessey. The drink is the name of a man called Richard Hennessey.

You’ve been 10 years in the industry. Did you ever think you would come this far?
Oh yes, my career is just 10 years, but with the success I feel like three to four decades now.

With Oliver Twist, have you achieved all you want as a musician?
I can never stop doing Oliver Twist; that is why I’m ‘Oliver Twist’. I’m just starting and I can’t be satisfied. It was the only song that ever got to the top ten chart in UK, Europe and other top places.

Starting from Tongolo to your latest song, Finally, how has it been?
I am very grateful to God. I’m not perfect but I’m happy and I’m satisfied to an extent that I always see myself as a person... So, if you ask me in a short time from Tongolo till now how life has treated me, I would say life has treated me very well and I’m on top of the world.

As big as your name is now, will you think of doing a movie story about yourself?
I would start by saying that I have never called myself a musician. I am an entertainer... So, nobody should come and ask me if D’banj is still going into acting because they should already know that I’m an actor.

The Fall in Love video still gets tongues wagging. Who really is Genevieve to you?
She is a friend of mine and she is also a very strong part of one of my most successful songs titled Fall in Love, and there is no way you are going to talk about Genevieve – even if you Google me, you will definitely find Genevieve attached to your search result.

Would you like to have her as your woman, and not just a friend?
Yes, I believe she is great and I don’t know what could happen to us in the future. I met her as a friend and I believe that anybody that has her as a wife, just like the Bible says that anybody that finds a woman has found himself a great treasure in life.

Do you miss your friend, Don Jazzy?
If I say anywhere that I don’t miss him, then I’m lying, because I’ll be 10 years old on stage by next year, and I spent eight and a half of those 10 years with him. I’m just married to him in a way that I miss everything. I miss the family, I miss his movement, I miss his jokes and argument in the studio and I miss him a lot.

Tell us about your song Finally
For me, Finally is not just music; it’s like our story. I see us living in a jungle, where we are coming from as in Africa; where we are being ruled, and then now we are the ones that they want to look out for in the entertainment sector – not only in the oil and gas or the other sectors of the economy.


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