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Thursday, 11 July 2013


25 years old Kevin Katoka, an excavator driver in far away Zambia, was busy at his place of work, when a rock python - Africa's largest snake - suddenly dropped on him and started to strangle him. But he fought back, biting and kicking the crawling beast.

After a while, Katoka began to lose consciousness, however he pulled out a small knife and stabbed the snake several times.

Katoka later repoted that the python was determined and persistent, and at a point, he began to feel the python's saliva on his head as the python started to swallow him.

Fortunately, the fighting bought Katoka valuable time - two colleagues found him and killed the snake. Kevin katoka was later rushed to the hospital and he is said to be recovering,

Rock pythons are known to swallow preys as large as a human adult.

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