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Thursday, 4 July 2013


2013 Best Actress Award winner at the BET Award, Kerry Washington, secretly married Nnamdi Asomugha 2 weeks ago. 

However, I have some facts about her husband I want to share with you.
  1. His parents hail from Enugu State, Nigeria. Nnamdi was born in California, USA, though.
  2. He's a Hollywood actor too. Having starred in 2008 CW sitcom - The Game and Friday Night Lights. He has also appeared alongside Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel etc in the films Fire with Fire, and Double Negative.
  3. He shares his wife's love and passion for philanthropy through his Asomugha Foundation, which he oversees as Chairman/CEO
  4. He suffers from a form of colour blindness called Deuteranomaly
  5. Since 2003, he has been a professional football player having played for the following teams; Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers.
For more reasons why he is an excellent marriage material keep reading...
  • Nnamdi gives back. He keeps helping a lot of underpriviledged youths across the African continent.
  • He knows how to cook very well. Nnamdi is a popular amateur chef.
  • He is down to earth. 'Humble' is the common adjective that pops up in his profile anytime.
  • He is already in the same league as Oprah Winfrey, and 2 former US Presidents having won the prestigious Jefferson Award for philanthropy and community service.
  • He is a recognized lover and singer of romantic songs.
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