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Sunday, 7 July 2013


Second most powerful celebrity in 2013, Lady Gaga has filed documents in court pleading that certain information in the case between her close friend - Wendy Starland and her ex- boyfriend Rob Fusari be sealed and prevented from seeing the light of day.

Gaga claims that the information she seeks to hide is very private, so sensitive, and purely personal. She told the court that, if the information reaches the members of the public, it would inflict grave personal and professional harm upon her.

Wendy Starland sued Rob Fusari claiming he cheated her out of revenue she felt was her due for her role in discovering Lady Gaga.

What could the content of this so sensitive information that could suddenly end Lady Gaga's career be?  (Details coming soon....)

A judge is yet to rule on Gaga's pleading.

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