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Sunday, 14 July 2013


Rihanna could lose MILLIONS of dollars... if her ex-accountants get their way in court.

Rihanna sued her former accountants, claiming they mismanaged her financial resources, and so, owed her millions. But Berdon LLP (the accounting firm in question) has retaliated, saying Rihanna's financial troubles were results of her own actions and they owe her nothing.

Berdon claimed they had tried to get Rihanna to sit down to make formal statements for nine months without successs. Now they've filed new legal papers in court, asking a judge to punish Riri for her actions.
Berdon pointed out Rihanna disobeyed court-order (for a statement) many times. Specifically, November last year; January 29, 2013; May 8 and May 9, 2013 (claiming she had a concert, but they knew the concert dates long before), and most recently June 19 (claiming she was sick).
As for the June 19 disobedience and disappointment,. Berdon claim they accommodated RiRi's schedule and set-up the statement  in London, costing them about $100,000 ... only for Rihanna to cancel the appointment. Despite the fact, they claim, she performed shortly before and after the 19th and was tweeting the day before ... with no signs of illness.

Berdon says it's can't take it anymore and will not excuse her behavior this time.

The accountants want a judge to dismiss RiRi's multi-million dollar suit against them outright, and then punish her with a fine of (at least) $100,000 for their wasted time and resources.

A judge has yet to rule, but let's see how the matter will further develop in the coming weeks

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