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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Famous singer, Susan Boyle, who shot to fame in 2009 when she displayed great musical gifts in Britain's Got Talent reality TV Show, has just finished filming her scenes in her first movie as an actress - The Christmas Candle, where she played the role of a wife and had her first ever deep kiss.

The 52yr old Boyle, who has been medically certified a virgin, told a reporter for The Sun Newspaper of Scotland a few hours ago that she wants to find her own man now.

"I want to find a man, but it's hard with all the traveling I do." She said. "I really want to start going on dates and I've asked my friends to set me up with a good man - if they can find one, I'd like to settle down one day."

Susan Boyle's story should be acted as a movie. She is a very shy woman with learning difficulties; very musically gifted; and, has sold 19 million albums worldwide; a millionaire virgin; now she wants a man!

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