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Saturday, 13 July 2013


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have already had their first intense argument.

According to Britain's Star Magazine, the reason for the argument is simply that Kanye wants Kim to distance herself from the Kardashians. A source who explained to the magazine during a private interview.said:

'Kim only had a short while to enjoy the baby before things turned sour between her and Kanye... He (Kanye) told her now they are parents; they need to step away from the Kardashian circus so they can raise their daughter in private.Kim was taken aback over the timing of his demands. It's not surprising she told Kanye he can't make her choose between her family and him because there'll only be one loser.'

I'm on Kanye's side. The Kardashians are a crazy group of celebrities with a whole crowd of paparazzi always on their trail. Most of the time they are involved in some kind of scandal and the news is scarcely a good one.
In my view, I think it's time that Kim and Kanye focus on their new-born and their own little family before worrying about the rest of the wildly ridiculous Kardashian clan.

What do you think of Kanye's demand?

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