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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


In this post, Let's take a few moments out of our busy schedule to analyze Tonto Dikeh's matter. Tonto is that amazing Nollywood actress, that sings awfully, and gets deceived by sycophants on twitter.

Any qualms with that?  No? Good then. Let’s get down to business.
First, in the title, I intentionally mentioned her 'psychological problems' because there seem to be mental issues and conflicts-of-the-mind Tonto has been trying hard to deal with in ways that are less than acceptable.

#1 Tonto's Denial of Nigeria:
It's totally a psychological issue for a well-celebrated Nigerian like Tonto, whom our society have blessed so much and uplifted from grass to grace to turn around and deny she is not Nigerian, but Jamaican.she opened her mouth on Twitter to write; “I love Nigeria, but I’m not Nigerian by heart”. The girl had the guts to deny this country. Nigeria, good people, great nation. This is absolutely a less than appropriate defense mechanism for dealing with our national problems as they relate to her mindset.

Tonto the Jamaican?
.#2 Tonto's Foray into Music:

I had the opportunity of seeing Tonto's music video on a cable channel a few months ago, and thought to myself "what the hell is a square peg trying to do in a round hole?" It’s official, Tonto Dikeh's musical inclination is puerile. She's less talented in music, her voice is bad, her lyrics bad, her beats bad, even the music video is urgghhh....! Tonto has super acting skills, but she wanted badly to sound like Omawumi.

Some of her followers on Twitter began to lie to the poor girl. They kept telling her how wonderful her crap was. Except for Burna Boy who had big balls to write on Twitter. “God punish all of you who disrespect the name of music by releasing d noisy wackness being released these days. Death is d least yu deserve.”

It's obvious her foray into music is a psychological displacement - an attempt to use a substitute activity as the target of an impulse.
Even the music art cover seems crappy
#3 Tonto's Public Use of Marijuana:

Yes, the Ikwerre babe can smoke weed. No qualms it's her choice of lifestyle. But, displaying and brandishing a drug that exercises some influence on a smoker's perception is a testimony that the smoker has issues with accurately perceiving reality. And, Tonto fits this description. And obviously, she'll always try to lie to herself (i.e rationalise) about the benefits of weed smoker by constructing false but plausible explanation for her behaviour

But, we all know the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), became concerned for the safety of Nigerians and their children, and threatened to arrest her.  Since then, she’s relaxed, choosing to smoke her evil drug in secret. She even started started a campaign on twitter, preaching about how bad weed is.

Birthday wishes with weed, damnnnn!

#4 Tonto's Attempt at Suicide:

Tonto Dikeh's Psychological problems once lead her to attempt taking her own life. Yes, she admittedly tried suicide, failed and ended up tweeting that Suicide is a cowards way of dealing with psychological pains.

Read her tweet yourself:

As for me, I come to the end of this piece of writing!

Borrowing Ruggedman's words, I say, 'You either love me or hate; it's peace or war!'
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