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Saturday, 31 August 2013


Popular weird Nigerian singer and producer -Terry G (real name: Gabriel Amaniyi) has admitted that the birth his new born son has helped him to stay away from the negative things of life. He said this during a recent interview he did with Showtime.

According to the singer, ever since he became a father, his entire outlook on life has changed as he now desires  to be a more responsible man.

"Now, I have a child; I’m a father. His name is Amaniyi Rex, and with him added to my life, he has given me a new life as a father. And this has made me to see the other side of life. It has put me in my right place because when you are thinking about tomorrow, you will want to be more responsible. His birth has helped me a lot and even helped me to stay away from the negative things of life." Terry G said.

Believing that change is a constant thing about life, the award-winning singer and producer added that he now wants to be a role model for his son.

"It’s just that it gets to a level where maturity comes in and you just have to slow down on something’s unlike when one was still a teenager. So, now that one is mature those things one indulge in, becomes distractions .I became responsible since I had my kid . I looked at life in the other way because it worth a lot for one to be responsible as people will like to be or want to learn from you. Now, music is no more a pleasure but a business for me." he said

As for the baby mama, Terry G said he is planning to take her to the altar since they have been able to
transform their relationship to a family and he is more responsible with her beside him.

Meanwhile, Terry G, who has a lot of street followers judging from his type of  music, has debunked rumours that he gets high on drugs and alcohol before doing his music.

"It is not true. Most of the people around me will testify to that. The only thing I do is, I just smoke my cigarette before going on stage. I don’t drink before mounting the stage to perform.".he said.

Kanye west and Terry G seem to be on the same page when nit comes to fatherhood. At least, both dads believe It has been a cool and fun thing, which has given them the chance to relax and think of a positive life as fathers. It has also helped them to scare away negative friends.
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