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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I'm back to talk about the issue of sex.

Today, in this write up, I want to talk about the things I want from a woman in bed.  As much as I make efforts to satisfy a woman, I also have needs that crave for satisfaction when it comes to bedroom matters.

To find out what my needs are, read through the following points:

#1. Excitement:
Honestly, for me, I want my woman to be actually into sex with zeal, passion, fire, enthusiasm, call it excitement and not just effort. You can do all I want you to do in the bedroom man, but if you aren't excited, then, you appear like a dead fish to me. I agree with Lou Paget, when he said: “There is nothing more seductive than an enthusiastic lover. That beats out the perfect body or the perfect face anytime. A man wants feedback that a woman is into doing things with him.”

#2. Fresh skills:
As a man, I want to try new things from time to time: otherwise, I shall get bored doing the same old stuff all the time. Therefore, I want my woman to be willing to explore pranks and develop new dexterity of making our intimate moments worthwhile.

Any woman who thinks she's the only one that should be admired is absolutely wrong here. I want a woman who will admire my physique, a lover who will see something to praise in me , and not hesitate to do so. Tell me that thing I have that turns you on and makes you go gaga even in the bedroom.

#4. Directives
Don't get anything twisted with this point. All i want is a woman who will tell me how she would like to get it from me. I'm sure to obey so long as it is to get her satisfied and happy in bed. That's all!

#5. Conviction that you love me and that sex is a beautiful thing:
I want someone who will be confident to enjoy sex with me and see the joy emanating from the exchange of vibrations that occur during sexual activity. Also, a woman who is confident about her body image and lets me get a good look at her.

#6. Indirectly let me know you're thinking about sex with me: 
I want a woman who will playfully let me know she is horny and thinking about sex throughout the day.

Feel free share your thoughts with me. I shall listen and read them.

Have a wonderful night!
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