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Saturday, 31 August 2013


Human sperm has become a commodity in high demand in Lagos state due to recent increase in male reproductive problem. 

This development has made it necessary for men who are interested in selling their sperm to charge as much as N50,000. Sometimes, when sellers have certain features buyers are looking for, (like tallness,  desirable complexion etc)  these sellers charge even more.

Reports show that most male undergraduates across Lagos, now sell their sperms anytime they need money. Often times, some wealthy women are willing to pay any amount to get a sperm seller with the features they want.

What requirements are needed for successfully selling your sperm in Lagos?

To sell sperm, the person must
stay off sex for five days. He  must undergo some tests to confirm that he is not HIV positive and that he also has healthy sperm among others. Also, he must be between 18 and 45 years of age. Special consideration is given to sellers with at least average intelligence, education and upbeat lifestyle.

Indeed, the high demand for sperm has made the fertility business a lucrative one both for sellers (i.e. volunteers donors) and various fertility clinics in Lagos
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