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Saturday, 24 August 2013


Brown  Suede Shoes

There is something special about Brown Suede shoes. They have a beautiful appearance that resembles chocolate which is a fabulous contrast to any colour of trousers

They are sexy in the way light catches them. And, as a shoe of hairy feel, there are few better options that compare to it.

Suede is basically for BIG BOYS, largely because suede is expensive to maintain - you can’t treat them like any old pair of rags. You must regularly shower them with…protective spray.

Red Driving Shoe
I don't intend turning you into 'pinging babe' or anything, but red shoes are the main thing towards the end of the year - heralding the Christmas RED.

I recently saw an excellent execution of  SWAG featuring red driving shoes, worn with slim-fitting Levi Jeans trousers and a customised white shirt. If the shoes had been any other colour, the outfit would have made those around sick; that pop of Tomato red made all the difference.

One of the great things about driving shoes, aside from their wonderful slipper-like comfort, is that they are useful for both casual outfit and sampling the catch of the day in some expensive environment like Maitama, Asokoro, Wuse II in Abuja or, Lekki, VGC in Lagos. 

Warning: Red driving shoe may cause all eyes to be on you!
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