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Sunday, 25 August 2013


Indecent dressing among Females
In this century, dressing indecently has become an unwanted reality.

In developing countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Peru etc women emulate and conform with the cultures of the already developed western world. Of course, I am aware we live in an era of globalization, but that is not a license to dress and behave without common sense.

We are all rational beings capable of thinking for ourselves and distinguishing right from wrong and making reasonable decisions on what to wear, how to wear them, and where to wear them to. Basically, you already know that every dress has its own occasion. Therefore, we don't need to accept and agree to all that the western countries impose on us all in the name of fashion. For instance, Indiscriminate wearing of skinny jeans, inappropriate see through dresses, detesting the use of underwear and panties, and also the abuse of colors (popularly called "PINGING").

What exactly is fashion? Some say fashion is a popular trend especially in style of dress, ornament or, behavior. Others say it is a way of behaving or doing something that is liked by people in a particular time. But, I say fashion is feeling comfortable in what you wear. its all about dressing and behaving in a way pleasing to God and human.                          

I write to address those men  women who are already poisoned by the adoption of the western belief that exposing some part of the body makes you look sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. Oh yes that's true! Even men also wants a piece of the action but dressing half naked won't help you achieve that.

An illustration can be seen in music videos where cultural imperialism makes the artist believe that having unclad women dance in front of the camera adds more value to the video and increases chances of making  profit.                                

Let me ask, will you call such an artist and his crop of unclad video vixens FASHIONABLE? Well, I call that IMMORALITY and CORRUPTION OF OUR FASHION SENSE.                                        

Hey people, don't kill the fashion sense in you!
Ilechukwu Adanna is a Mass Communication Undergraduate at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria
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