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Monday, 26 August 2013


Shame on Nigeria! This is a country that is abundantly blessed yet it cannot put itself together to harness its potentials

Let's quickly remind ourselves of the problems bedeviling our progress and development. Perhaps, we shall find ways of solving them.

On this note, I present to you the 6 totally messed up things in Nigeria:

#1. Government:
In Nigeria, the government is ironically supposed to serve the public, but it embarrasses the people with less than acceptable characters, embezzling chunks of public fund and giving crumbs to the hungry masses.

#2. Police:
Men of Nigerian Police Force indiscriminately harass citizens by regularly, shamelessly and forcefully demanding bribes; and by, unlawful detention and battery of citizens

#3. Multinational companies:
In Nigeria, foreigners are allowed the priceless luxury of exploiting the citizens. The foreign investor gets the greater pay while indigenous workers are belittled, mistreated and underpaid.

#4  Transportation:
Plying the roads in Nigeria  can be described as an experience that is below terrible. most of the roads are riddled with potholes, poor drainage channels, non-dualistic busy roads, perennial traffic jams and hold ups... urgggh! the list is endless.

#5. Security:
A day in the streets of the far North in Nigeria is the height of risk management a human being can assume with Boko Haram Extremists taking over villages and towns in daylight while the police watch in amusement and fear.

#6. ASUU
The leadership of ASUU seems to be drunk with the wine of chronic selfishness and unpleasant rigidity. They should remember that what happens to the undergraduates of today determines the condition of the present members of ASUU tomorrow when of course, they wouldn't be so powerful, because nothing lasts forever.

Let's stop ruining everything, but make efforts to get things right!
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