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Thursday, 22 August 2013


Kanye West, who is readily regarded as the most 'dangerous' entertainer on earth because of his unpredictable disposition to life, made three (3) headlines with different stories on various media channels  today.

Recently, the trending rapper has been so hot that President Barack Obama couldn't help but notice and comment on his influence upon the American Youth and Pop culture. But let's get straight to the summary of the stories Kanye West headlined on both the traditional media (i.e Radio, TV, Newspapers etc) and the Social media (i.e forums, networking sites,blogs etc) in one day.

#1 Kanye West Turns Down A Seat At The American Idol Judges Table!

Kanye West
Kanye West was offered the final spot on American Idol's judging panel for the upcoming 13th season, but he decided to turn down the offer worth millions of dollars, because he believed it would hurt his reputation to accept the coveted seat. He didn't want to lose his street credibility as a raw, untainted spitter of reality through music.

Perhaps, our own M. I Abaga, who's currently a judge on Glo X-factor, should learn a few lessons about being loyal to the rap game and what it stands for.

#2. Kanye West Goes Up Against Renowned Lawyer Gloria Allred In Attacked Photographer's Court Case!

Kanye West Vs Gloria Allred
The photographer that Kanye West threw down with at Los Angeles Airport last month is fighting back!

He hired Gloria Allred, and she has come forward and to say she'll be representing the photographer that Kanye allegedly attacked. And they're ready to sue for some BIG Cash!

#3. Kanye West FINALLY Shows A Picture Of North West! On Kris Jenner's Show!

Kanye West would appear on his Mother-in-law to be (Kris Jenner)’s talk show today in an effort to bolster her ratings, and he will do the unthinkable... Debut his daughter's picture on the show after previously rejecting $4million from an Australian Magazine that wants to use Baby North West's picture on the cover page.

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