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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Charity Grenade Owoh
Few days ago, various social media accounts, pages and entertainment blogs reported that rapper 2shotz and his wife came out to deny physically abusing Beverley Osu (Nigeria's female rep at BBA Season 6) when she and 2shotz were dating.

However, Charity Grenade Owoh, Beverly's best friend have refuted 2shotz's claim. She took to Twitter and later did an interview with Encomium magazine to defend Beverly.

Read her tweet:

This tweet implies that 2shotz restricted Beverley's freedom and instilled a great fear into her

Charity, during her interview with Encomium, said this about Beverley's nature:

''Bev can handle controversy. It was evident during the time she was dating 'Mr I've never battered anyone before' and all the things they have said about her."

In pointing out how 2shotz emotionally beat up Beverley, Charity said:

"While they were dating, her mother came back from America and the next thing was for him to start telling people that Beverly was doing drugs when she can't even take alcohol." 

To summarize how she perceived the relationship between Beverley and 2shotz Charity told the magazine this:
"She was in love with him but I know he instilled fear in her. There are different stories but I don't want to talk about it. There are some stories that led to them breaking up, that if it comes out it would look totally bad for him. There are some things that if I speak about will hurt 2shotz in ways that he can never imagine. So, all the things that he is saying right got to a point where he broke her sim -card because of phone calls. Who does that?"

Perhaps, only an insecure man!!!

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