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Thursday, 1 August 2013


President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed his delight over the recent three weeks of uninterrupted public power supply supposedly enjoyed by Awka, the capital of Anambra state. 

In a statement released on several social networking platforms, President Jonathan said 'Even in these challenging times we must encourage the good news narrative to thrive so as to drown out the unacceptable negatives in the polity.'

He further stated that an occurrence that is worthy of note is the celebration by City of Awka in Anambra state of three weeks of uninterrupted public power supply and counting.

"I personally wish Nigeria had achieved this milestone decades ago, but nevertheless we are making steady progress. More cities will soon be able to have such celebrations because the Roadmap to Power Sector Reforms is having the desired effects with almost all of Nigeria's electricity Distribution companies (Discos) and Generating companies (Gencos) now in private hands as I promised on the 26th of August 2010 in Lagos when I launched the Power Roadmap." He added.

However, residents of Awka have denied the claim of three weeks uninterrupted power supply.

A receptionist for an Information Technology outfit along Arthur Eze avenue, Awka, who spoke in anonymity, admitted that power supply to her place of work is an average of two hours per day.

"We enjoy public power supply at afternoons, usually for two hours each day. It has been this way for a long while now"  She said.

Other residents do seem to concur with her.  Simply Put, there has not been uninterrupted power supply for three weeks in Awka city. Perhaps not in recent times.
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